Crowd Pleasing Fried Rice

imageIn honor of July being National Egg month, I thought I would share an “eggcellent” recipe with you all. The eggs in this dish really tie it together and make it super yummy!

Crowd Pleasing Fried Rice

1 cup rice

1 lb bacon

1 cup onion

6 eggs


Green peppers

Soy Sauce


Brown the bacon, drain grease but leave a little in the pan. Prepare rice according to package. Scramble eggs along with the onion in the pan with bacon grease. Mix in cooked rice, crumbled bacon, and any vegetables desired. Our favorites are peas and green peppers. We also add a good amount of soy sauce to finish it off, but its not necessary if you prefer not to. This makes quite a bit and can be adjusted to feed more or less.




Love to all-Nicole

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