Lessons of a new newlywed

Hey all! I’m finally back after a long, nice break. The Farmer and I finally tied the knot! It was the most perfect day. I’m looking forward to sharing pictures with you and telling you all about it.

I just wanted to let you all know that I hadn’t forgotten about you, I’ve actually been thinking about you all quite a bit. I’ve missed writing and keeping up with you all. Anyway, I’ll let you know what I’ve learned in our 2 weeks of marriage so far.

1. It’s wonderful. It’s nice coming home to your best friend every night and sharing what happened in your day.

2. Manners… Fly out the window. I’ve noticed that I will just burp out loud in front of the Farmer. I don’t even feel bad about it. –just kidding. I kind of do. I need to get back into shape!

3. You eat more. I feel like I’m eating more that I’m married and I think it’s a combination of 2 things. I’m making better food now to feed my Farmer, and I also feel like internally I need to keep up with his eating habits. This my friends… Is not good. You see.. He eats like a horse. I don’t know where he puts it all, but I can tell you that I’m starting to see where I put it all and that’s gotta stop or I’ll look like a horse, or a cow, or preferably a pig.

I’ve learned a few more things, but that is something I will be trying to incorporate in all my future blogs. Lessons of a newly wed. So that means you have to keep coming back and reading to see what other humorous lessons I’m learning.


What were some lessons you learned as a newlywed?


Love to all- Nicole

3 thoughts on “Lessons of a new newlywed

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Trying to keep up with the Farmers eating habits is a newlywed dilemma I can remember! I finally started fixing his plate, which some may say is too much like I’m a servant…BUT I fix his plate and make sure I put less on mine by about 1/3. If he goes back for seconds, that’s his business, but I eat my smaller portion and ignore the rest.

    Congrats on your recent nuptials.🙂
    Emily Grace

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