Supporting Both Sides of the Food Fight.

I need to come clean about something…and for those of you who know me personally, this might come as a shock to you.

I buy organic and conventional food.  There, I said it.  I will purchase both.  IF the price is right of course.

Here’s why I’ll buy organic food.  I know there is no nutritional difference between organic and conventional, the only difference is the methods that were used to grow it.  I think it’s important to support all types of farmers if your budget can afford it.  I have one splurge that I love to buy that happens to be organic.  My local HyVee carries an AWESOME organic pineapple salsa.  You can’t beat it.  IF I could find a pineapple salsa that was made with conventional ingredients I would buy it too.  I would buy whatever one was cheaper.

Here’s another fact in case you missed my 6 Things Chipotle Doesn’t Want You to Know blog post.  Organic producers can still use chemicals on their products, the only difference is that their chemicals are derived from a natural source rather than a synthetic source.

If the organic food section is offering something the conventional isn’t, and the price is right I’ll buy.  Same goes for the conventional side.  If the conventional foods are offering something that organic can’t offer, I’m going to support the conventional products.  I think it’s important to support all forms of agriculture, but I think it’s more important to make informed decisions based on facts, not fear.  If you have all your facts straight and still choose to buy completely organic, or completely conventional that’s great.  It’s awesome to have those options and that freedom in our current food markets to do so.

We shouldn’t be fighting over our food, but embracing the many choices we have. One type of agriculture isn’t going to feed the world, it’s going to take ALL farmers, not just one kind.

Let’s work together on this, not against each other.

Love to all- Nicole

2 thoughts on “Supporting Both Sides of the Food Fight.

  1. “I know there is no nutritional difference between organic and conventional food”

    Really Nicole? I suggest you look more closely at the research literature. Unless you believe higher levels of vitamins and micro-nutrients are not a “nutritional difference”?

    1. Instead of making such condescending sounding statements, how about providing your sources so we can all get that information you’re talking about here. Because all the research I have seen so far suggests otherwise.

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