Why we’re exanding our farm

We are getting closer.  Closer to me finishing school, and closer to the wedding. But, something even closer than that will happen within the next few weeks.  We will start to fill our hog barn.  My Farmer informed me by the end of next week is when we’ll start putting pigs in.

Pigs have always been a part of my life, and most certainly my farmers.  We both don’t really know any different.  So, it only made sense for my farmer to expand his hog farm by putting up another barn.  — But, why do that?  Why not just be happy with where we’re at?  Why are we getting bigger?

When my Farmer realized that I was “the one” and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he also realized he would have to work hard to support me and our family.  We are expanding our hog farm and getting bigger so that my Farmer can support our family.  Even though we are expanding and becoming a larger hog farm, my Farmer and our family take animal welfare, the environment, and food safety very seriously because all of those things affect us as well.  We consume our own meat, so it’s within our best interest to do the best job that we can to raise quality pork for ourselves and our consumers.

There’s a social stigma out there that “big is bad”.  While this may be true in some scenarios, farming (most of the time) is not one of them.

The moral of my story; “Big ag” isn’t bad.  It’s farmers working hard to support their families.  Because there are less farmers in the world, they are having to consolidate into larger farms to make their businesses work.  Around 96% of the 2.2 million farms in the US are family farms.  In a world that is growing more expensive to live in, farmers are doing their best, just like you, to provide for their families.

My Farmer is working towards being able to provide for me and our future family.

I’m proud of my farming families of working hard to provide for themselves and others.

Love to all- Nicole

2 thoughts on “Why we’re exanding our farm

  1. Great post! Big isn’t always bad, especially when it comes to ag! We’re just doing out part to feed the nation! Like you said 96% of farms are family owned – the passion, love, and dedication is still there no matter the size!

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