Thoughts of a 34 Week Pregnant Lady

Harvest has officially started for Yoder Farms. This has been a time anxiously awaited (more so than normal) for Andrew and I this year because we know that we could be having to stop to have a baby, or we’ll just finish in time to have a baby. Either way, the clock is ticking and we’re racing to try and get ahead of things.

It seems as though things have been extra busy on the farm this year. Andrew has been running 150 miles an hour to try to get to this place in time, and now that it’s here I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant at the beginning of October, which means if I happen to go just 11 days early, we could have a baby this month. Now, no one really knows if you take after your mother in your labors/pregnancies, but if you do then there is a good chance I will be having this baby early. My mother went early with all 3 of us kids… so if that truly means anything, Andrew and I are pretty much prepared for this baby to come anytime in that last week in October. Better to be prepared than completely shocked!

Andrew hopes that I don’t go early and that I go late so that he can either be done with harvesting, or be pretty darn close… but he’s not the one carrying a little person that is constantly jabbing your ribs, giving you heartburn, or getting you up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Let’s just say, I’m ready for this little turkey to make it’s arrival earlier rather than later.

So, I have 6 weeks left until my due date and here are some of my thoughts that usually cross my mind a couple times a day.

  1. When is this baby going to come?
  2. How is labor going to go?
  3. Are we going to be done harvesting?
  4. How will I know what to do?
  5. I hope I do the whole breastfeeding thing right…
  6. My back hurts.
  7. I wish I didn’t have to keep popping tums.
  8. I wonder if I will ever stop being exhausted (unlikely!)
  9. I just peed an hour ago, how do I have to go again already?
  10. Who is the little baby going to be?
  11. When is the baby going to come…

Until this baby comes, I am now what you would consider a pregnant, harvest widow. I will be spending some nights eating supper alone, and going to bed alone. Does this scare me as we get closer to delivering…. yes, a little. Will I get through it- most likely with the help of Netflix, hot chocolate and Facebook.

I’m continuing to work until the baby comes, however I currently commute 1 hour to work one way. My Dr. gave me strict orders that I need to stop driving up to work 2 weeks before my due date, so I will be working from home at that point. Which is a life saver because I’m really starting to have issues getting in and out of my car… and off my couch.. and out of bed… because let’s face it. When your belly gets to a certain size, you become like a turtle and kind of have to roll around and gain some momentum when trying to get off your bum.

I’ll try and keep you all updated as we progress these last couple weeks- but no promises. Sometimes, it’s nice to just be lazy at this point- because I know that isn’t going to happen as soon as the mini-us arrives.

Love to all-Nicole

Melons, Pigs, Melon Pigs and 30 week Update

Hey friends,

I’m back- after a crazy, intense couple of weeks. Throughout the past couple weeks we’ve had.. sweetcorn, canning, freezing, family, State Fair, birthdays and.. 4 showers in just over a week. On top of our regular responsibilities such as pig chores, sorting pigs, selling pigs, pigs pigs pigs, caring for the cattle, grinding feed (these are all Andrew’s things) and me trying to keep up our house and work 40 hours a week. Can you say, overwhelming?? 

That’s right- in a matter of a weeks time, our cozy little cottage that I had everything perfectly in it’s place has become an explosion of baby things. Our nursery officially smells like a baby because of the mass quantities of diapers  and wipes that are just waiting to be dirtied in there. I’ve got more baby books than our local library, more toys than a department store, and more blankets than any person would ever need. Now, don’t get me wrong here… we are SO grateful for all of the love and support. We have been feeling so LOVED by all of the gifts and well wishes as we await this little one’s arrival.

It’s starting to get very surreal- how close we are to finally meeting this little clone of us. I am 30 weeks this week. NOT POSSIBLE. How in the world did that happen?

It almost feels like after this week, we’ll be in the home stretch. I have to attend a large farm trade show for work this week (my largest project of the year) and after that, things at work seem to slow down a little and things at home somewhat stay the same. We’ll start to gear up for harvest pretty soon, and as you can imagine there’s a bigger push to get done as fast as we can this year with the uncertainty of when this little one will want to make it’s big debut. (I’m due November 10th, and if there is any truth to any sort of wives tale, or rumors on the street, I may be going early because my mother did with all of us)

melon pig 2

I had to share a picture of the melon pig that my In-Laws made for one of my showers- judging by the theme of all the showers and gifts we’ve received, I’m not sure this baby will think he/she has much of a choice on a favorite animal :)

So, what do the coming weeks hold for us?

Harvest, pigs and more pigs, organizing our house/nursery for the baby, making freezer meals, purchasing a few last minute things we didn’t receive from our showers, and of course cherishing every moment we have alone together, because we know that will soon come to an end. BUT- we are so so excited to finally meet this little baby that’s been kicking and punching me, making me take about 10 trips to the bathroom in a 4 hour period, causing exhaustion and extreme hunger. (When a pregnant lady get’s hungry, and doesn’t feed herself promptly- it’s almost as bad as the world ending)

Also- as a side note, I just downloaded Vine and will be playing around with it. So if you follow me on Twitter- be watching for my randomness Vines as I figure out how to use it! Don’t follow me on Twitter yet? Check it out.. @farmgirlnicole

Hopefully as my life slows down a little bit I’ll be able to update a little more on daily farm life and as we get closer to BIRTHDAY! Maybe I’ll post some vines/videos if I get brave enough to ride along during harvest- but something tells me that’s going to be a little difficult, as mowing our lawn has become quite an event in itself. Baby DOES NOT appreciate the lawnmower.

Be watching for my next update!

Love to all- Nicole

Birthday Reflections


It’s my birthday tomorrow. Normally my birthday’s don’t phase me, just kind of another day but with cake at some point. But this one, is different. I’ll be turning 22 tomorrow. Most that know my age comment, Oh, your still so young! You don’t look/act like you’re that young! While this might be true, I might […]

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Week 25 & Summer Update

See- almost the size of a watermelon.

I must apologize for my infrequency in my posting lately. It seems like I have the best intentions of sitting down and writing, but then I get distracted by all things baby on the internet. By all things baby, I mean… looking for a rug for our nursery, or hunting on Pinterest for different lists […]

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1st Parenting Lesson 

I’m half way through this pregnancy, and have just learned my first parenting lesson.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant, Andrew and I decided we were going to find out the sex of the baby.  Weeks had flown by and FINALLY this was the week we were going to find out if I […]

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