Good Tidings We Bring

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love it because it’s such a great reminder of how awesome our Lord is and because of how it brings family and good food and smells all together in one place.

I hate Christmas because I literally gain 10 lbs from it. I also hate it because it gets so crazy busy leading up to it, that you forget to breathe and really enjoy the fullness of God’s grace in the moment.

I challenge you to take time and reflect this Christmas. Reflect on who the season is really about and how you can honor Him more this holiday season.

Enjoy family, be a blessing, eat good food and have joy in Christ’s coming.

From Andrew and I to you.. Have a blessed Christmas.

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The Day my Ankles got Cold.

Winter has finally appeared here in Iowa. For awhile I was thinking we were just going to skip winter, being that it was about 50 degrees in December for a few days.

But, much like the Iowa weather were accustomed to, it changed in about a day. And well… My ankles got cold.

When I was younger and still living at home, I thought it was so weird that my youngest brother was adamant about wearing long socks. Like the tube socks, you know? Not these short things..


Anyway.. I’m now understanding why he wore those unfashionable tube socks. I’m to a point in my life when I don’t really care what my socks look like, as long as they keep my ankles warm. And these… Aren’t doing the trick.

I also have this aversion with my neck. It bothers me to have my neck get cold. So most of the time in the winter, if I’m not wearing a scarf, I’ve either got my hooded sweatshirt on or.. Well that’s it. Scarf or sweatshirt.

You could probably identify me in a mall sometime. Just look for a lady with her tube socks and scarf or hooded sweatshirt on. (Now I realize, I just significantly increased your chances of meeting me in person by looking for tube socks that are covered by jeans and/or a lady wearing a scarf or hooded sweatshirt.)

With that, I hope you all are able to keep your ankles and necks warm this winter. I apologize for this extremely random post about ankles and necks but it’s just really been on my mind lately.

What’re your winter pet-peeves?

Love to all- Nicole

Divorce update, 2 years later.

December 23, 2012. This is a day in history that will forever be seared into my mind. It was the most painful, and emotionally agonizing day that I have experienced in my short life time. It was the day my parents told us that they were getting divorced. I could actually tell you the time […]

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How Long are Stalls Used in Pork Production?

A certain friend of mine.. Aka Cher is using her celebrity status to further the message of HSUS. Which is an organization that is working to put modern farmers out of business. Including my family. She has been all over Twitter saying how pigs are in stalls their entire lives until the hog goes to […]

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That time I talked to Cher.

Remember that time that I talked to Cher over Twitter, and she shut me down as soon as I asked where she was getting her information and what she thought a “real farmer” was? Let me tell you, I couldn’t have had a more crazy couple of days. Although I’m disappointed Cher shut down the […]

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