Week 25 & Summer Update

I must apologize for my infrequency in my posting lately. It seems like I have the best intentions of sitting down and writing, but then I get distracted by all things baby on the internet. By all things baby, I mean… looking for a rug for our nursery, or hunting on Pinterest for different lists of things that a baby might need, or even just spacing out on Pinterest looking at recipes.. that involve zucchini, because let’s get real here people. My garden went CRAZY with zucchini- that was pretty much the only successful thing I could get to produce to satisfaction. (I had also planted cucumbers with good intention, the weeds got away from me and I thought swallowed our cucumber plants whole, Andrew went hunting in our garden forest and actually FOUND my cucumbers- a little ripe, but they’ll do!) OOFTA- sorry, little bit of a run on there.

So anyway, to catch you up on what’s been happening in life and on the farm..

Andrew planted a few acres of sweetcorn this year- just to see what that would be like. We’re (Andrew, MIL, FIL, and BIL) are finding out it’s a lot of work. (I luck out and don’t have to help much because I have to go to my day job/get too hot in this hot and humid weather we’ve been having while i’m 25 weeks into growing a watermelon.) Andrew only has time to sell it at our local produce auction- so it doesn’t bring as much as it would at a stand in town, but it works for us. We’re enjoying having the sweetcorn to eat and freeze anyway. :)

Along with being busy with the sweetcorn, Andrew has his daily work on top of it all. Choring, grinding feed, selling hogs, making fence for our cows, and tending to the crops when needed.

Like I mentioned a little bit above.. I’m 25 weeks pregnant already. How did that happen? Every day things are feeling more and more like I’m pregnant. It’s getting harder to get away with bending down, sleeping, stay on my feet for long periods of time, and let’s not forget going to the bathroom about once every hour. I actually compared my growing belly with a watermelon this week.

See- almost a watermelon.

See- almost a watermelon.

Slowly but surely, things are starting to come together for the baby’s arrival. My grandparents gifted us (baby) our first car seat and had it shipped to our house- You have NO IDEA how excited I was about the car seat. What a weird thing to be excited about..

I have a few showers coming up within the month of August, my birthday, the Iowa State Fair, Andrew’s sisters coming to visit and a trade show for work. I have a feeling August is going to fly by faster than July. So ready or not, baby is going to be here before we know it! We’ve been praying for the safe arrival of the baby, and I’m also hoping that it’ll come right when it’s supposed to- because any earlier we’ll be running into harvest on the farm. It’s not a huge deal- we would obviously work around it and make it work, but.. it would be nice to just have that finished up by then!

So anyway, that’s what’s been going on around here. Hope you all are having an awesome summer!

Love to all-Nicole

1st Parenting Lesson 

I’m half way through this pregnancy, and have just learned my first parenting lesson. 

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, Andrew and I decided we were going to find out the sex of the baby. 

Weeks had flown by and FINALLY this was the week we were going to find out if I was going to have to buy pink or blue chore boots for our little one.

I had built up so much anticipation into that moment at the doctor, I could hardly wait to get into the office. I had this scene played out in my head where the Dr. would say what our little munchkin was going to be and Andrew and I would be so overjoyed in that moment and so excited to FINALLY know what we were going to be seeing in another 20 weeks. 

We get to the ultrasound room and the Dr. is making several comments about how good of pictures he’s able to get and how everything was looking great. Until we get to the.. boy/girl parts of the baby. THIS was the moment I was waiting for. 


Our baby decided to be modest that day and block it’s boy/girl parts with it’s little feet, preventing mom and dad from seeing what exactly we were dealing with. 

The Dr. tried getting the baby to just stretch out those little legs so we could just get a quick glimpse of it. 


Our baby decides not to cooperate while it’s not even out of my womb yet. That would be my child. If there is anything that both Andrew and I’s families both know.. Is that each one of us can just be a little stubborn. This would totally happen to us. 

The next time that we would be able to see the baby’s parts would be when I was 30 weeks, which we felt was kind of pointless. SO, that being said we took this all as a sign and decided that we are NOT going to find out what this baby is until it’s much awaited birthday. 

So here’s the lesson. For those that know me I AM A PLANNER. I have planned out mostly my entire life. I knew where I was going to college my sophomore year of High School. I knew what my degree was going to be in, too. I planned my wedding almost as soon as I was engaged.. And had 9 months to do so. I actually plan things for my job! I am an trade show planner. Let’s just say… I AM A PLANNER. 

Back to the lesson.. I am not going to be able to plan absolutely everything with this baby. Most likely not anything, and this was my first taste of that. I’m going to have to let go of my compulsive planning disorder and get a better grip on learning to go with the flow. *Luckily a small lesson such as this came before baby comes, it’ll be a big enough adjustment as it is. 

I almost feel as though this were a little nudge from The Lord Almighty that hey- you better get ready Nicole. This baby is going to change your life forever.  But, always for the better. 

So, if you think of me.. Pray that I work on my compulsive planning disorder and have the grace and patience to change my ways to fit my growing family. 

What were some of your first parenting lessons? 

Life update; planting, anniversary & baby!

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