Do you know what Farmer’s are really doing?

Oh man, slopping pigs sucks. It’s just so stinky and messy.

That statement came from a guy that is selling an agricultural product. (I met him on a business trip) Here’s my concern. This man is selling an agricultural product, yet he doesn’t understand that we don’t “slop” pigs anymore.

We continue the conversation and I tell him that my husband raises pigs, and here’s another question that arises.

Who scoops the manure?


This guy is working the agriculture industry, but doesn’t understand modern agriculture? Maybe we’ve got a bigger problem that we thought.

How am I supposed to expect a person that is further removed from agriculture to understand modern agriculture and what we’re really doing on the farm when a person who works in the agriculture industry, doesn’t understand what we’re doing?

To my friends who aren’t involved in agriculture (besides eating)… Forgive me, I sometimes forget that we need to really explain how we do things now. We have come so far and made so many improvements to provide you with a wholesome product.

We don’t “slop” pigs anymore, and for those that aren’t familiar with that term, “slopping” pigs was when either;
a) you mixed pig feed with water together for the hogs to eat
b) you took your table scraps from supper and fed the pigs the scraps

Our pigs are fed a formulated diet that is prescribed by a Nutritionist for optimum health for the pigs. The feed is mechanically moved from our bins that sit outside our barn, to the feeders inside the barn. They eat the feed out of the feeders, and farmers essentially never touch the feed. (Unless they decide to pick some up out of the feeder and hand feed a pig for fun ;)

We don’t scoop manure anymore either. Our pig barn has slated (long slits) floors that the manure drops through to a very deep pit. The pit is emptied whenever it gets full and is pumped into our manure spreader. The manure spreader spreads the waste on our fields to be utilized as a natural fertilizer for our crops.

Day to day operations include turning on the mechanical feeders to bring in feed for the pigs twice daily. My Farmer is also walking through the building to make sure that they have enough water and if he can treat any sick pigs. He walks through once in the morning and once in the evening to check on things, unless he has some extra time. Then he’ll walk through and play with the pigs more throughout the day. –He’s a true farmer.

My Farmer loves his pigs.

My Farmer loves his pigs.

We have more work to do as farmers.

Love to all-Nicole

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Marriage Exposes

So.. married life is awesome. No one ever warned me how awesome married life was. I just got a lot of warnings like.. oh marriage is so hard. But, I’ve figured that out already. Here’s what I’ve figured out in our first month.

1. I am completely exposed.
- All of my flaws, insecurities are completely open for my Farmer to see. I’m learning a lot about myself because of this. Like, I’m extremely selfish, proud, on a high horse and I SUCK at communicating what I’m really meaning/wanting. (Me, sucking at communicating?? How can that be when I talk all the time?? Turns out, I don’t know how to put my thoughts and feelings into real speak and words that form out of my mouth)

2. But, because I am exposed… my Farmer husband is starting to know who I am inside and out. He can tell if something is really bothering me or if I need to get something off my chest. He’s really getting to know me, and I him.

3. So, this is how these to things make my marriage awesome. Marriage is revealing flaws I didn’t know I had to me to make me more perfect for something that is more perfect than this life. Because these flaws are being made known to me, I can work and pray to correct them so I can better serve God and my husband. My Farmer is really getting to know me, so in a tender loving way he can help me work on my character flaws, and I for him.

Besides.. there’s nothing better than coming home to your best friend every night.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of our wedding pictures I know you’ve all been dying to see. :)

Yoder Ca_6913

Love to all- Nicole

Crowd Pleasing Fried Rice


In honor of July being National Egg month, I thought I would share an “eggcellent” recipe with you all. The eggs in this dish really tie it together and make it super yummy! Crowd Pleasing Fried Rice 1 cup rice 1 lb bacon 1 cup onion 6 eggs Peas Green peppers Soy Sauce   Brown […]

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Lessons of a new newlywed

Hey all! I’m finally back after a long, nice break. The Farmer and I finally tied the knot! It was the most perfect day. I’m looking forward to sharing pictures with you and telling you all about it. I just wanted to let you all know that I hadn’t forgotten about you, I’ve actually been […]

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“Fed Up” – Fighting Obesity Together

Farmers work hard to produce safe, wholesome food for you and your family.

Around 1/3 of the US (according to the CDC) is considered obese. I understand the questions and concerns of the increasing issue of obesity in our country, and there is no (that I’m aware of) end all answer to the questions. I understand the concerns because I’ve struggled with my weight and food for all […]

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