I’m a Basket-case Wife.

You know that moment where you’re so busy and scatter brained that you forget to turn your oven off and it runs all night long? — ooh, that’s just me.

Life has been absolutely crazy. I travel for my town job mostly up to 4 or 5 days at a time, and I’ve been doing that pretty frequently lately.

Wife traveling + Husband harvesting + late harvest + moving to a new house= busy, stressed out family = cry baby Nicole (pssst. That’s me!)

I cry for stupid reasons when I get stressed out. I become the biggest whiner and complainer and cryer. If you see my husband, make sure you give him condolences for having to deal with a basket -case for the past couple days.

Anyway.. We’re moving to the country! I’ve been living in town for almost 4 years now and for me, that’s long enough. I’m ready to get out to some fresh air, quiet, and open sky’s.

There are a few barns on this old farmstead so I’m hoping we can get some laying chickens and some broilers this spring. Also.. I’m thinking we need a dog. :) So, if you know of someone who wants to give a dog a great home to a basket -case wife and a calm, collected husband who live on a farm call me up!

When I was in college and still single I felt like I had it all together. I’ve always been a pretty organized person, always have had all my ducks in a row and if I didn’t I would slightly freak out. By slightly I mean have a full out panic attack and eat a package of Oreos. And lay in bed.

But since I’ve been married I’ve lost it all. My sense of organization has fallen to the wayside and I don’t have panic attacks about it. Or eat a package of Oreos. Or lay in bed. Mostly because I don’t have time to do any of that.

Anyway, I’m not sure what I was planning on writing here. I think I wanted to tell you about us moving because I told you I would earlier.


We finally got back in the field after a week of having to take a break due to rain. Andrew is harvesting soybeans here.

Pictures and moments like this remind me of how blessed I am, aside from the craziness.

How do you handle stress?

Have a good weekend!

Love to all- Nicole

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Why We Raise our Pigs in Barns

Can you believe that we’re already into the middle of October?! Time has flown by, and I haven’t even acknowledged something very important this month.

October is National Pork Month and we’re getting closer to winter, so in honor of that I’m going to explain why we raise our pigs indoors.

Indoor Living

We raise our pigs indoors on concrete slats. The flooring has slats so that the manure from the hogs has somewhere to go. It collects in a pit below the building and we have to empty this pit every once in awhile to spread manure on our corn fields.

We raise them inside so that they are protected from predators and other animals that could be carrying diseases. In southern Iowa we have a large population of coyotes. While they haven’t been an issue to us yet, we still take precaution to protect our pigs from them. As a side note.. Some bird diseases can be transferable to pigs, so this is another reason we raise our pigs indoors, to keep them away from birds.

We are able to keep a better eye on the pigs and treat them for diseases if needed and accordingly.

Climate Control

We can control their climate. In the summer we are able to keep the building nice and cool, and in the winter we keep it nice and toasty so they can stay warm.

What Works for our Family

We raise pigs indoor because this is what works for our family. We’re better able to provide for the pig throughout the entire growing process by raising them inside our barns.

We Eat the Pork we Raise

Andrew, (the Farmer) works hard to raise our pigs ethically and humanely. He feeds them a nutritious diet and only treats them with antibiotics if absolutely necessary. Our family eats the pork that Andrew raises, so it’s in his best interest to raise a safe and wholesome product for you and for our family.

Andrew and I love what he does. If you have any questions about why we raise our pigs in barns, send me a comment and we’ll answer any questions!

Check out the pictures below!

Love to all- Nicole



My Husband can’t Support my Hobby.

I finally have figured out a good hobby for me to do. I’ve always enjoyed it, but didn’t really think about it as a hobby. There’s only 1 problem… My farmer can’t support my hobby, and here’s why… You see, my hobby is baking. I LOVE to bake. I counted 3 different kinds of cookies […]

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I Almost Lost my Husband.

Yoder Cc_7527b

Oofta, it’s been a little quiet around here. Life has been absolutely crazy, but I think everyone’s is. It seems like when we hit fall, everyone goes into hyper speed and the fall just zooms by. Anyway, so the reason I’ve been quiet… Last week Andrew, my husband was caught up in a horrific accident […]

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What are DDGS?

DDGS Cover

Have you ever sat in your local small town coffee shop and over heard the farmers talking? They throw around some pretty confusing words if you’re not up on the “Farmer Speak”. For example, you might hear things like, “I cross bred my york to a cheshire and boy, she had some beuts!” or “I […]

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