What are DDGS?

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Have you ever sat in your local small town coffee shop and over heard the farmers talking? They throw around some pretty confusing words if you’re not up on the “Farmer Speak”. For example, you might hear things like, “I cross bred my york to a cheshire and boy, she had some beuts!” or “I forward contracted 300 bushels of corn and I’m so glad that I did now seeing these markets, ofta!” or “We’re feeding a higher ration of DDG’s this time around” — Hold it!! DDGS? What on earth are DDGS?


DDGS is something we feed our hogs on a daily basis. It stands for Dried Distillers Grain with Solubles. DDGS is made from corn and comes out of the ethanol making process.  When corn gets taken to the ethanol plant by farmers, the ethanol plant only uses the starch from the corn. Because the ethanol plant only uses the starch, there are left over elements from the kernels of corn. Those leftovers (or bi products) are minerals, oils, protein and fiber. This is what the DDGS are made from, all of those important nutrients in a pigs diets. Not only are the DDGS used in pig feed, but they can be used in beef, dairy, and poultry feed rations as well.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about this on my blog, but Andrew and our family are independent pork producers. That means we own everything in the entire process, from the sow to the market pig that gets taken to the packing plant.


I grew up on a different hog farm, where my dad was a contracted pork producer. That means that my dad doesn’t “own” any of the pigs he is raising. A company pays my dad rent on the hog barn and extra to cover other costs associated with this type of hog farming. Essentially, my dad only owns the building. Is there a better way to raise hogs, being a contracted grower or a independent? — I don’t think so. There are definitely pros and cons to both ways.


Anyway, (now that I’m done straying off what this post was originally supposed to be about) Andrew mixes his own feed. Andrew has to mix feed averaging at least once a day right now for his pigs. (How cool is that?!) That means every once in a awhile Andrew and/or my father or brother in law will have to go get DDGS from an ethanol plant to mix into the feed.

There are lots of different components that go into our hog feed, and DDGS only play a small part. Stay tuned for posts talking about how we feed the corn we raise in our fields to our hogs, and how soybeans play a part in raising hogs as well.

PS.. harvest is coming!! Stay with me for updates on that as well!

Love to all-Nicole

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What Happens When You Lay Your Heart Out

You know that moment when your heart spills over with gratitude and love and just having that feeling where your heart is flooded and over flowing with joy? This happened to me around 18 hours after I wrote my last post about the tugging that was going on in my soul. If you want to catch up on what I’m talking about, you better read it up here.

Soon after I wrote that post I had a comment on my blog Facebook page saying that this article hit close to home because her parents were getting a divorce as well. Almost immediately after reading that comment I felt another tug to reach out to her– and I’m so glad that I did. I messaged her and let her know that I know what she’s going through and if she ever needed any advice or someone to listen to her and understand what she was going through, that I was here for her and praying for her.

She messaged back and was so grateful for my reaching out and automatically spilled a little bit of what she was going through, and I could relate with it all.

I was so hesitant to write that last blog post because I was scared of the feedback I was going to get. However, God knew exactly what was going to happen. He knew that my new found friend needed someone to help her through her process of getting to the “new normal” that happens when your family goes through a situation like divorce. The fact that I was able to connect with someone who is needing guidance and someone to just know what they are going through was completely worth all of the nerves of writing the post.

I am so grateful and overflowing with joy that the Lord appointed me to be able to reach someone like her, and hopefully many more.

I also want to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement about my last post. It means so much to have positive reinforcement when you put your heart on the line for all others to read about.

With that being said, I finally feel like the Lord is showing me more of the direction of who I really am now. As you recall, I wrote a post awhile ago about feeling lost. Not knowing who I was besides a wife and a working woman. I’m getting closer to discovering who my true being is at this point in my life, and maybe you’ll see that throughout my blog posts from now on. You may see some changes, you may not. I’m still waiting for more direction from Him.

Stay posted..

Love to all-Nicole

The Tug on Your Soul

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5 Reasons You Should Celebrate the Small Things

  Lately it seems as though life has been consumed by working, paying bills and just trying to survive until the weekend. We get up, go to work, come home, make supper, do laundry, pay bills, watch tv, go to bed and start all over the next day. It gets monotonous. I’ve decided to pep […]

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How Markets Effect Farmers

You know those days where it’s so humid and hot that your sweat seems to sweat? Or your hair doubles in size and looks like you’ve got an afro from the 70’s? (Or is the afro part just my crazy, curly hair?) We’ve had a few of those days recently and I am so ready […]

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