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I’ve been hooked.  Yes, you might say the blogging world has got me by the lip.  I started blogging in September of 2013, and have since become addicted.  My addiction is fed by a burning passion for telling stories for those who are putting food on our plates daily, the Farmers.

Loving me some Farmer here.

Loving my Farmer here.

My blog has become an outlet for me to relieve stress while trying to make an impact on consumer trust in farmers.  There has become a gap in today’s society between where our food comes from (the farm) and where it’s ending up (our mouths).  I strive to bridge the gap between today’s modern farmers and consumers by telling the truth about today’s practices and being transparent. I’ll write about common misconceptions, what’s happening on our farm, my Farmer, life, cooking, decorating my small cottage, and other randomness.

Writing about farming, my Farmer, food, life, faith and nonsense!



  1. Just read your post on Sincerely, Jenni today and loved it! You have a great writing style and you obviously love your life! Looking forward to reading more !

  2. I read your article in news.com.au about organic food being the same as ‘chemical food’. You clearly want to believe this. Nutritionally studies show that organic food has up to 10 times more vitamins and minerals that chemical non-organic foods. Plus you don’t get a load of nasty carcinogens (cancer forming substances). Why is it that 100 years ago, you never heard of anyone having cancer. Whereas today so many people have cancer! It’s because our bodies are absorbing so many chemicals like never before; from our food, water, air, household chemicals. If you keep believing this myth, that chemical and organic food are the same, chances are you will end up like most people in 20/30 or 40 years time with heart disease or cancer. Good luck! Cause you’ll need it. The money you save on not buying organic food, you’ll be able to use for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Ah! But it only has a 2.5% success rate. The other 97.5% are dead and buried.

  3. Ready your story on news.com.au (I’m embarrassed to say)

    Really nice to see someone talk about organic food with some rationality

    I would’ve added something in there about how something being natural doesn’t at all imply that it’s good for you (e.g. poison ivy = bad).

  4. Hey Andrea, 100 years ago most people were dead between the ages of 40 and 50, I think the average age in the US was 47! Not such a great chance to get cancer and if they died from it, guess what, we wouldn’t have known as diagnostics were not that great. Just so you know many women also died in “natural” childbirth. Please tell us who found and how (what did the do, scientific reference please) organic food found to be so much more nutritional as I have read the studies by real scientist that refute this.

  5. Sociologist says:

    I studied The Sociology Of Food at Uni and wrote an essay on GM and organic foods. Based on the peer reviewed research I read, I concluded there is little difference in the nutritional value between organic and non-organic. In countries like Australia, we have very strict regulations regarding the use of chemicals and pesticides, so buying Aussie grown organic food is nothing more than an expensive exercise. If you have an issue with that, I suggest you take it up with the boffins who wrote the academic papers I used.

  6. Wolfgang says:


    All the studies are just as much worth as who paid for it. I would say just by googling a bit the internet and then make a statement like in the article is very presumptuous. To say that organic farming is the same as conventional just shows that your experience in organic farming didn’t go beyond a backyard veggie patch. Same as live expectation, we don’t have a war, people don’t die from hunger, hard labour work or epidemics besides cancer there are a lot of factors coming into a statics figure.

    • Hi, If that response was for me I didn’t say organic farming is the same as conventional, just questioned if there is a nutritional difference. On the whole the scientific community is subjected to ethics committees and other checks and balances to ensure that data that is gained is genuine. There are bodies who are independent who support and fund research into horticulture and other farming. Not every bit of research is done or paid for by chemical companies. The CSIRO and Horticulture Australia are 2 that come to mind who get their research dollar from a variety of sources including the tax payer, plus in Australia much of our research is done by post graduate university students who may or may not have any funding and may or may not have independent funding. Funding sources are stated in scientific publications. By the way, I am a farmer and do practice organic farming. My neighbours, who are conventional farmers, use as little chemical input as they deem possible, if for no other reason than chemicals are expensive . I also ran an organic nursery for 7 years prior to this. You are correct, people dying 100 years ago was for many reasons but our longevity is extending, at least in this country. There are equally as many reasons why people today are dying, so claiimning it’s chemicals is a bit of a leap. I realise there is no convincing people who want to beleive what they want to beleive but I’m just putting alternative thinking out there in case someone is more open minded. Like the blogger I beleive there is a place for conventional and organic farming.

  7. I just started blogging myself and hope to also share about farm life. My family has a pig farm in Ohio and it seems like we have that in common! I love your blog and would like to stay connected! My blog is http://www.farmgirlwithcurls.com

    Lauren :)

  8. Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the

  9. Hi. Really like your blog. It’s fun to see another Iowa farmer! We love to share our Iowa farm life on our blog as well.

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