What a year it has been. I say this every year, that it has been the best year yet. However, this year came with a new challenge, a new blessing. 

We welcomed our first child this year. So many emotions come with the miracle of your first child. When carrying her-there is so much unknown. When and how will they arrive? Who will they look like? What will their personality be like? What will this do for our marriage? 

There have been a number of personal challenges for me being a mother. The feeling of not being good enough for her, for not doing enough, for not doing it right. Making sure that my marriage does not fall to the wayside. 

However, the biggest challenge for me this year has been loving myself, for not beating myself up so much. 

From cooking fails,missing a week of cleaning, not being able to soothe my crying baby, work stress, feeling judged and compared by the way we do things, and the baby weight I put on. My confidence has been kicked to the curb this past year. And so has my relationship with the Lord.

I haven’t made time for Him like I should have. I’m praying this year is different. 

Just like many others I have goals to eat better, excercise more and be healthy. However, I’m going to go one step further in making a goal to love myself. 

I’m tired of being so hard on myself, beating myself up for little things. I should be celebrating this body that has been gifted to me. This body that carried my precious little girl, gave birth to her and has given her sustenance. 

This year I’m going to love this body the Lord gave me, and celebrate it. Will you join me? I’ll be posting pictures periodically in celebrating my life on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #loveyourself16. Feel free to join me in posting! 

Love to all- Nicole 

Do you believe in the Bible? 

We aren’t Jesus. We can’t live the perfect life, have perfect relationships, have the perfect tongue to never utter a vile word, and die selflessly on a tree for the world. It’s impossible.

We can’t save each other. 

That’s why Christ died for us… So that we didn’t have to save. 

We can’t save people by forcing our beliefs on them. We just can’t. 

But we can do three things. 

We can love them, as Christ loved. We can pray like Christ prayed. We can TRY to live as Christ did. Non stop. 

It so easy to get on our high horses and want to ram rod scripture down people’s throat. “The Bible says!!” We might exclaim. 

But it doesn’t matter what the Bible says to them if the Lord hasn’t unvieled their eyes and softened their hearts. (The Bible does say that… But does it matter to you?) 

Some of us Christians get a complex on saving others, but that’s not the Gospel. It’s not in Jesus’s final words to his disciples , “go save people!” It was something entirely different. Again, does it matter to you what the Bible says? 

The Gospel is, is that Jesus saved us… If you accept Him as Lord and Savior of your life. Not if you can save others. This condemns us for a lifetime of disappointment.. Trying to save others. But to pray for them and love them as Jesus does we can only try our best.

The good news in all of this- it takes the pressure off. Can you imagine if that were really true? That we had to save people by trying to get them to believe in Christ’s sacrifice for us? Sure, we would be delighted if we could only help the Lord in bringing that person to surrendering their life..but it would never be appropriate to take that glory for ourselves. 

So here is my question. 

Are you living out the true Gospel, or trying to force it on others? 

Love to all- Nicole 

Letter to a New Momma

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